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    Category: Blog

    I Love a Snack

    Everybody loves a snack, but when you’re moving towards a whole foods diet, choosing them can seem difficult…or if you’re dramatic (like me), initially it may feel like it’s devastatingly impossible. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and stick to two key points. For the most part – typical, run of the […]

    Broccoli + Bacon

    Refuse to eat broccoli? How about I add some bacon? I love broccoli, but knowing that a lot of people don’t share my little love affair, I thought I would post this recipe, because this salad is good. Seriously good. In fact, I took one bite and said “Whoa, this is good.” But seriously, bacon? […]

    A TASTE OF HEAVEN – Protein Bars

    Some say I exaggerate. I don’t think so. I just think if heaven does exist, and should I go there, then I would like there to be little snack tables all around with items like these on them. They are sweet and salty all at once, made from raw, nutrient dense foods, they pack a […]

    I’m Sleepy

    Today I am feeling really tired. Like my brain is running on 45% mode tired. Eyelids = heavy. Attitude = cranky. So when I saw this article in NYT Well, I paid attention. Many of us have already heard that using electronics before bed is a big no no, but for some reason it still […]

    Peanut….Peanut Butter…or Any Butter

    Did you get where I was going there?  Remember that song?  An oldie but a goodie.  Last night I made what may have been the best (and simplest) cookie I’ve had in a very long time.  And guess what?  They were gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and egg-free.  Any recipe with this few ingredients that manages […]


    I met my friend Stef yesterday for a little work/tea break and we were gabbing with the barista (Jenna, the best) and the topic of gluten came up, and naturally I went into verbal spillage mode.  Both Jenna and Stef were asking lots of questions, but one that came up that I hear often is: […]


    Mexican Chocolate Peanut Ice Cream.  Do you guys have an ice cream maker?  Well, you should get one.  Especially if you have kids.  I do not have kids but I act like one a lot, so it’s a good match for me.  I got mine on sale and it was the best $30 I spent […]