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    What Are The Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat?

    What Are The Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat

    Millions of people around the globe want to lose weight. And no one wants to sit on strict diets and starve. Are there any foods that help you lose weight? Fortunately, YES! This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

    General information

    How to eat right to lose weight without strict diets? All foods can be roughly divided into two groups: the foods from the first group can be called energy stimulants that increase the tone of the body; the second group includes those foods that promote tissue repair and growth. The first group of foods contributes to weight loss, and the second interferes.

    However, if you have made a decision to change your diet, then remember that drastic weight loss is unacceptable.

    “Nowadays there are a lot of newfangled diets that promise express weight loss in record time – don’t get on this path. The best way to lose weight quickly is to start eating right, add physical activity, and possibly, weight loss medications – but only after consulting a doctor”, said Rich-ard Erickson, the owner of My Canadian Pharmacy Online and a weight loss expert.

    The optimal rate of weight loss is to lose no more than 0.5 kg per week. It sounds like a very small amount, but if your goal is to reduce the volume of adipose tissue and not lose water and muscle mass, be patient.

    If you lose weight quickly and incorrectly, then muscle mass will decrease, and body fat will increase. Can you imagine how hard it will be to deal with it later? You can hardly even go in for sports…

    What foods should you avoid?

    It is impossible to exclude fats from the diet, they are necessary for the body. But it is possible and necessary to limit their consumption. To lose weight, the total fat intake should not exceed 40-50 grams per day, their share in the total calorie content is no more than 30%.

    The following foods contain the highest amount of fat:

    • butter and ghee, margarine;
    • mayonnaise, sauces and gravies, especially creamy;
    • cream, sour cream, curd mass, fatty cheeses, especially processed cheeses and sweet cheeses;
    • fatty meat, especially pork, fatty poultry, fatty fish, caviar;
    • lard, ham, smoked meats;
    • canned food, especially in oil;
    • confectionery with cream, ice cream.

    If you want to lose weight, limit the use of these foods. Buy low-fat varieties of meat, fish, poultry, cottage cheese, cheeses. Replace sour cream, cream, mayonnaise with low-fat yogurts.

    Best weight loss foods

    • Water. The most important food that reduces appetite is water. Pure water is the foundation of all current diet plans, as maintaining water balance is very important in losing and controlling weight. Non-carbonated mineral water interrupts hunger very well and has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to eliminate toxins and activate the body’s metabolic processes. To satisfy hunger, it is recommended to drink a glass of water before meals. This will help turn on the digestion process and also create a feeling of fullness in the stomach. After eating, you should generally refrain from drinking any liquid since diluted gastric juice harms the body;
    • Protein food. Protein is needed to build muscle mass. And the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn – even if you’re just relaxing. Moreover, more calories are spent to digest proteins than to digest fats and carbohydrates. The best sources of protein are chicken breast, egg whites, turkey, fish. Fatty acids contained in large quantities in fish actively strengthen our blood vessels and promote weight loss. But the most important thing is that the fish contains a complex that is responsible for the tone of facial muscles, which prevents skin aging. And its proteins, when digested, almost do not emit toxins, which ensures an excellent complexion;
    • Vegetables with negative calories, which consume more calories to process than they contain. In any case, they are beneficial for those looking to get slimmer, as they are high in fiber, which improves the functioning of the digestive tract. Daily use of at least one type has a positive effect on the process of cleaning the body from toxins. These foods are artichokes, Swiss chard, cauliflower, green bell peppers, broccoli, radish, endive (chicory species), green peas, black radish, red beets, cucumbers, carrots, celery, asparagus, spinach, cabbage salad, watercress, zucchini, dandelions;
    • Pineapple is perhaps the most famous fat fighter. At one time it was chosen as a panacea, and overnight it became an integral component of various diets. It was believed that pineapple contains a unique enzyme – bromelain, which breaks down complex lipids. This discovery was immediately taken advantage of by the manufacturers of various “fat burners”, and a mass of preparations based on pineapple extract appeared;
    • All citrus fruits: grapefruit, pomelo, orange, tangerine. Citrus fruits lower your insulin levels, which in turn reduces your desire for something to eat. It strengthens the immune system and cleanses the body of toxins. The fat-burning properties of grapefruit have only recently received a scientific basis. Studies have shown that this fruit contains the flavonoid naringin, which really has a fat-burning effect, this substance activates the liver and has a pronounced choleretic effect. And, as you know, bile breaks down complex fats that enter our body with food. Therefore, regular consumption of grapefruit has a beneficial effect on the figure: the accumulation of body fat gradually stops;
    • Papaya – it contains all the water-soluble vitamins and most of the periodic table. The fruit contains papain, which breaks down proteins, and a group of nonspecific lipases that act on lipids entering our body. This enzymatic composition of the melon fruit has established its reputation as a “natural fat burner”;
    • Green tea. It has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body, removes toxins. By drinking 5 cups of green tea a day, you lose 70-80 calories;
    • Soy is a source of calcium, a great alternative for those who don’t like dairy products;
    • Spices – chicory, ginger and cinnamon. As little as a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon with a meal can help metabolize sugar more efficiently and lower blood sugar levels. And high blood sugar leads to the formation of more and more body fat. It can also be used in place of sugar as it has a naturally sweet taste. Some “ergotropic” foods – garlic, onions – contribute to the process of losing weight by acting on the hypothalamus;
    • Nuts are a source of good fats, fiber and protein. Yes, nuts are high in calories, but they are also a good source of protein, fiber, and “good” (monounsaturated) fat, which all contribute to weight loss. Add them to salad, eat with fruit, add to oatmeal;
    • Olives and oils made from them are ideal dietary foods. If you drink a teaspoon of olive oil or eat 10-12 olives every morning on an empty stomach, you can control your weight without gaining extra pounds. Olives are rich in vitamins, carotene, proteins and, of course, oil. The substances contained in olives strengthen cell membranes and mucous membranes, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach, pancreas, liver and cardiovascular system. Olives help with wound healing, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

    Tips for those wishing to lose weight

    • Some foods really activate the metabolism, which contributes to the burning of fats. Add them to your diet but in reasonable quantities, and remember that proteins, carbohydrates and “correct” fats are needed for the full functioning of the body;
    • Consider also that a lack of calories in the diet leads to metabolic disorders. The required minimum is 1200-1700 calories per day. Otherwise, the body automatically switches to fasting mode, slowing down the process of burning calories and digesting food. And even after returning to a normal diet in protest, it saves fat in reserve in case of possible hunger;
    • “Burning” fat is possible only due to the gap between energy consumption and energy inputs. Therefore, do not even hope to lose weight by eating pineapples in kilograms – it is simply useless without physical activity;
    • If you are trying to lose weight, avoid processed foods that are high in fat and salt. Consuming minimally processed foods, such as nuts or 100% whole grain bread instead of white bread, can help you lose weight.

    This video will give you a little more insight into how to eat to lose fat faster:

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