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Why invest in your health?  It affects every aspect of your life. When you start to feel better, guess what happens next?  You’re more efficient at work. You may be kinder to your partner, usually resulting in them being kinder to you. You gain confidence and are suddenly willing to try new things and meet new people. Getting in touch with your body opens doors that were invisible to you before. There’s  nothing more important than looking after yourself, because when we are happy, the world around us transitions. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  -Anais Nin

If there is one thing that is certain, achieving health goals does not happen overnight. To realize optimal health, we must make a commitment to change the way we live, indefinitely. At the same time, we must make these changes gradually, and be kind to ourselves in the process. The quickest way to revert back to bad habits is to overwhelm yourself with changes.

Prescribe Nutrition

 Prescribe Nutrition
All of my consultation work is done via Prescribe Nutrition. I co-founded Prescribe Nutrition because my partner and I were seeing a common denominator in our private practices: subtle shifts in diet, understanding “why” and ongoing support can solve many people’s health issues. Our programs support people over a period of time instead of one off consultations; we see far better results with this.

Private Consultations

To work together please take 10 minutes to fill out the Health History Intake Form. Pricing is outlined in the form. I encourage everyone to take a Prescribe Nutrition program before working privately (more content, support and understand with less of a financial commitment), but if you feel private work is what you need at this time, please email me.

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Prescribe Nutrition

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