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    my story

    I grew up a happy and healthy kid.  I spent my summer days outdoors causing trouble and the evenings baking poppy seed cake with my Mom. We ate fantastic meals every night and my love for the kitchen came from the time I spent with her.  Unfortunately, as I got older, even the wholesome food in my home became my foe. 

    If I wrote my entire health history you would be reading for a very long time and probably get a leg cramp.  To make a long story short, I've battled  everything from chronic digestive issues to a thyroid condition to weight fluctuations and more.  Some are behind me and some I still face every day. My health problems have never been life threatening, but often made me feel like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. To feel toxic in your own body is a feeling I know well, but perhaps worst of all is feeling confused; no clinical diagnosis to explain health problems, and no explanation from doctors.  No matter which path I took, there seemed to be no sign of respite.

    Eventually I decided to do everything in my power to understand my own health and not rely entirely on others to 'fix' me.  I became a certified nutritionist, studying holistic nutrition while focusing on digestive disorders and food allergies.  I'm not a doctor and encourage everyone with health issues to always keep an open dialogue with their physician.  I've consulted many alternative health professionals, as well as traditional Western doctors, and have come to fully understand the importance of all types of medicine; however, I believe in order to have optimum health, you must learn to listen to your body, the signals it's giving to you and be responsible for what you put in it.   

    My experiences have allowed me to empathize with clients who struggle with food, build a realistic eating plan for the the world we live in, and begin the healing process.  Please check out my services page for personal nutrition and wellness services.