It seems like everybody is talking about it.  Okay fine, I am, but the moment the word digestion leaves my mouth at least one person wants to discreetly discuss their ‘stomach issues.’  This website is a safe place to uncover information about all-too-common ailments that affect many, but are rarely discussed.  The reality is our digestive tract is the first place we should look at to improve our health.  Every day new research solidifies the fact that digestive health is the foundation of overall health.

Caveat: this website will discuss bowel movements, or lack thereof.  This is an open forum for you and the way you’re feeling.  Just know this: you can feel better.  The pages in the digestion folder above provide an overview of the digestive system, discuss specific problems and offer suggestions and ideas to remedy your situation.  Having suffered through years of discomfort, pain and anxiety, I humbly consider myself someone who can empathize and offer help.  For further assistance please visit my services page.

Together, you and I can get to the bottom of this crap.

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