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    MexicanChocolateIceCreamMexican Chocolate Peanut Ice Cream.  Do you guys have an ice cream maker?  Well, you should get one.  Especially if you have kids.  I do not have kids but I act like one a lot, so it’s a good match for me.  I got mine on sale and it was the best $30 I spent on kitchen goods in a long time.  I can actually make dairy-free ice cream that tastes like real ice cream, and completely satisfies my cravings!  I wish I could be the type of person that doesn’t succumb to sweets, but I am not that person, and frankly, I take great joy in bringing smiles to faces with creamy, fresh ice cream. Lately I’ve been exploring different milks and sweeteners, and so far my favorite recipes have been made with coconut milk, you know, the real, full-fat stuff you get in the can.  Coconut milk is a saturated fat that has some phenomenal health benefits, consumed in moderation.  It’s particularly great for thyroid health!  So far I’ve had the most success with Thai Kitchen Organic.  I’ve been replacing sugar with agave nectar as well, which not only adds the sweet factor, but seems to keep ice crystals at bay and keeps the glycemic level low.  Different extracts, nuts and add-ins make it a really enjoyable and interesting experience.  I do a lot of research, using recipes from Cook’s Illustrated, Epicurious, David Lebovitz and more. I like to combine  parts of each, but in general I’ve found ‘custard style’ recipes, where you cook the milk mixutre on the stove top first, then incorporating egg yolks, to provide the most creamy and authentic results. Some egg sensitive people swear by using corn starch in it’s place.  This time I utilized half of each to lower the fat a bit.

    My latest endeavor turned out rich and chocolatey, with a tinge of salty sweet and cayenne kick.  I implore you to experiment and try different ingredients – it’s fun, and even if doesn’t turn out amazing, ice cream is like pizza, even when it’s not good, it’s still good.

    • 2 cans coconut milk (or 3 C total other milk)
    • 3 egg yolks
    • 1 1/2 T cornstarch
    • 1/4 unsweetened cocoa powder
    • 4 oz Ibarra or Abuelita Chocolate, chopped (can find at whole foods, gourmet, or mexican markets)
    • 1 t cinnamon
    • Pinch salt
    • Pinch cayenne
    • 2/3 C agave nectar
    • 1 t vanilla
    • 1 C roasted and slightly salted peanuts (shelled) but use whatever nut you like!

    First off –  make sure you put the frozen bowl component of machine in freezer 24 hours in advance!  It makes a difference.

    In medium saucepan whisk the coconut milk with cocoa powder and simmer over medium-low heat for aabout 5 minutes until well incorporated, remove from heat.  Stir in chocolate until completely melted, then add vanilla, cinnamon, cayenne, corn starch and whisk.  Set aside.

    In a seperate bowl whisk together the agave nectar, egg yolks and salt until pale yellow.  Take one cup of the milk mixture from the saucepan and whisk into egg mixture, making sure to whisk constantly so the eggs don’t cook.  Once combined, add the egg/milk mixture to the original saucepan and stir constantly over medium heat with a wooden spoon.  Once the mixture has thickened and coats the back of the spoon, about 6-10 minutes, turn the heat off.  Store the custard in a large bowl, covered with wrap or in an airtight container.  Let it cool for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

    Take out custard and pour immediately into your ice cream maker and churn for approximately 15-25 minutes, dependent on your ice cream maker’s instructions.  Make sure you add your nuts in the final 5 minutes of churning.  It should look like really thick frozen yogurt. Spoon into an airtight container and place back in freezer.  Ready to eat once it has had another hour or two in the freezer.  It’s addicting, watch out.

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