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Hi there.  How are you feeling?  So-so?

Well, you’ve found the right place.  My name is Melissa and I’m a nutritionist.  Not feeling 100%?  Talk to me.  Just got diagnosed with a food allergy and feel completely lost?  I can help.  Those 10 lbs (or 15, or 25…) driving you insane?  I get it.  Can’t go number two?  I’m your girl.  Like talking about probiotics?  Let’s be friends.

My goal is more than to get to you to eat a healthy diet or lose a few pounds.  In fact, if you’re visiting this website, eating well may be old hat for you.  My goal is to get to the root of chronic health problems.  With all the conflicting nutrition information out there, we’re doomed to be confused.  Are you eating healthy, or what you’ve been told is healthy, but nothing is changing?  What we eat and what we don’t eat can affect us in powerful ways.  Good health begins in the gut, and I liken our gut to tree roots: nourish them, and you will thrive. Digestive issues are merely one symptom of health problems; symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways that still require attention to your gut.  It’s important to recognize migraine headaches or chronic heartburn may be very closely linked to your diet and lifestyle, and this website is here to help point out the not so obvious culprits of poor health.  When it comes to health, nothing is more vital than looking at each person as the individual they are.  We are all unique; one person’s food may be another person’s poison.

I created this website for those who are not feeling as well as they should, for those who know how to eat well but something is still off, and for those who are at their wit’s end.  Consider it a resource to learn about the digestive process, food allergies and healing the damage done.  Perhaps you don’t have time to research gluten intolerance, IBS and the importance of gut flora, or maybe you just don’t want to.  Maybe you want to learn how to cook without dairy or flour, or just really need to make some gluten-free brownies.  I get it!  Let me share what I know so you don’t cause further damage to your body or spend the next 10 years as lost as I was.

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